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I fell in love with fiction before I even knew what fiction was, and at the age of eleven I had my first story published. Fiction, of course. In 1987 my first book, She’s on First, was published. Fiction, of course. The following year my first mystery novel was published: Dirty Proof.

But then.

Then I found myself asking questions. Questions such as: “Okay, so you wrote a novel about the first woman to play major league baseball — but did women ever play professional baseball in real life?” I decided to find out. It would take me a year, I thought.

Make that four years of very difficult research, followed by the publication of Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball. Nonfiction, of course. What I learned was that story need not be fiction: story resides in nonfiction, too. And so each time I think about writing another book, the fiction and nonfiction sides of me battle it out until one of them wins. Decision made, I sit at my computer and start to write. Either way, I win.

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