A New Web Site

Way back in the “aughts,” around 2005, I knew that I would have a book coming out the following year. That book was Waltur Buys a Pig in a Poke and Other Stories (Houghton, 2006). I also knew that I did not yet have a web site — and that I should have one.

So I hired Lisa Dwyer to build my web site. She and I met and I sketched out what I wanted and we discussed pages and subpages and sub-sub pages and what links I wanted, background colors, fonts, photographs, and a lot of other stuff. Lisa built the web site, and I chose the Authors Guild to host it. I learned how to add and delete and create new pages, sub pages and sub-sub pages. And to create links to hidden PDFs and other such things. 

This website served me very well. Librarians, who hire me for presentations, told me how much they loved to use and navigate it and how much they relied on finding what they needed on it.

As time went on, I found that I needed to add many new sub pages to my site. In 2010 I self-published She’s on First. Between 2010 and 2018, I self-published eleven more books. For each of these I added a sub-page and several sub-sub pages. This was a lot of work — more work than I became willing to do, and in 2018, when Scrape, Rattle, and Roll was published, I never got around to adding it to my web site.

In June of 2019 I received an email from the Authors Guild stating that as of September 1, 2019, the Guild would host only sites built on SiteBuilder. I had two choices: (1) find another site, such as WordPress, to host my website; (2) toss out my old website and construct a new one using SiteBuilder, so that my site and email address would continue to be hosted by the Authors Guild.

I didn’t want to have Lisa go through the work of updating and migrating my website to a new server, particularly because I wasn’t enamored of any of the available servers that I had experience with. So, I decided to build my own website on SiteBuilder.

This new website would be much simpler. By choice. I felt I no longer needed all the information that was on my previous site. Instead, I felt I needed only four “pages” on my new site:

  1. About the Author — information about me
  2. Events — information on my public programs: topic, time, and place
  3. Works — a list of my books
  4. Contact — an email contact link 

In late July I sat down to construct my website. To my surprise and pleasure, this went very quickly on SiteBuilder. Adding text was easy, adding photos was easy. Adding links was easy. Deciding on theme and layout was simple, and choosing fonts and colors was likewise simple.

In one day, I had constructed three of my four pages. On the second day, I created the fourth page and worked on refining all four pages. On the third day, I was ready to publish.

As web site experiences go, this one was extremely easy and pleasant.


Here’s the link to Barbara Gregorich’s new website.

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