Royal Blood

I often hear people use the expression “royal blood,” as in “she has royal blood in her veins.” They say this in all seriousness — as if there is such a thing as royal blood,  identifiable under the microscope. I’d like to think they use this expression unthinkingly, but I suspect otherwise. 

Here’s a poem I wrote during an irate moment when I read in a serious book on genealogy that somebody had “royal blood.”

Royal Blood

Royal blood
my ass.

Myth — poison
strewn about
by the ruling class,
like grain
to chickens.

Though science yields
no proof, brain-weakened
peeps believe
in blue blood,
deemed superior
to the red
that flows
without recompense
to keep the blue

Fly this coop
of lies!

Royal blood?
Show some


Crossing the Skyway is Barbara Gregorich’s first collection of poems. Some day she will publish a second collection.

5 thoughts on “Royal Blood

  1. William Yapp says:

    You weren’t upset at all, were you?

    As a hobby genealogist, I’d like to make a little comment on the math of genealogy. The number of ancestors you have doubles every generation, two parents, 4 grandparents, etc. Go back only about a thousand years, and the number of ancestors exceeds the population of the earth of that time. We all have royal blood.

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    • Ha! — on my not being upset. Thanks for the genealogy info on our ancestors doubling every generation we go back. So we are all related (something like 7th or 8th cousins?). We’re all related to those who claim that their blood is royal, and they’re all related to us.

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  2. Madam, as a long time member of “The Friends of Iolani Palace” Honolulu, HI: I take offense at your poem! Well, I do have to pay $35 a year for the honor, and being Italian I’m not anywhere close to Hawaiian royalty. But still…!

    Sir Louis
    1st Earl of the Woods Condominiums
    Brecksville, Ohio


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